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Pilates Classes

Everyone who comes to Pilates is on their own journey, but ultimately, we are all seeking the same thing. An improved way of living. We blend strength, mobility and flexibility, to help you get into the best condition you can. Perhaps you need to release tension from your neck and shoulders, or maybe you’re struggling with your balance, or perhaps you have an achy back. Our bespoke classes, both online and offline, will give you the power to make the right choices for you.

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121 Pilates Sessions are a Personalised Programme built around you and your requirements.

We start with an online chat before we meet in person and I find out exactly what your body needs to make you feel your very best.

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121 Biomechanics

Time to take a step back. In this methodical approach we complete a full-body assessment. This is particularly good for those of you overcoming sports injuries, addressing physical imbalances and posture issues, those suffering from migraines or those needing help to recover from pregnancy and birth. We will help you to release, restore, and strengthen.

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Become a member and in addition to your live class you will automatically get access to an online library which includes short mobility / release videos, Pilates and several bonus 30 minute workouts including aerobics and weighted workouts.