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Womens Movement Specialist

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Welcome to Courtyard Barn - home to Debbie Wyer Pilates - Women's Movement Specialist.

Our new studio offers a selection of bespoke Pilates classes, Improve the Way You Move courses, and look out for wellbeing workshops and events - to be announced soon. Sign-up to my newsletter and be the first to know what's coming up.

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Pilates Classes

Everyone who comes to Pilates is on their own journey, but ultimately, we are all seeking the same thing. An improved way of living. We blend strength, mobility and flexibility, to help you get into the best condition you can. Perhaps you need to release tension from your neck and shoulders, or maybe you’re struggling with your balance, or perhaps you have an achy back. Using a selection of equipment, our bespoke classes will give you the power to make the right choices for you. Find out more about TRX Pilates, iMoveFreely Pilates, Hedgehog Pilates, and Long Loop Band Pilates by clicking the more info button.

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Tune into your body and improve the way you move. Overcome sports injuries, address physical imbalances and posture issues, ease migraines or help recover from pregnancy and birth by taking a step back and working on the basics.

Using a combination of Biomechanics, Pilates and Trigger Point to release, restore and strengthen, this 6-week course will hold you to account to work in a way that respects your body and your life.

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Want to move better but are unable to commit to weekly classes, sign up to On Demand and fit movement around your busy life. Our online library includes short mobility, release and relaxation videos, 30-minute Pilates sessions using a variety of equipment – Hedgehog, Long Loop Band and Trigger Point Pilates