As a Pilates, Movement and Biomechanics coach I can help you get started.

Work, commuting, kids, career, home life .... they can all make health and fitness seem an impossible task. I promise to show you exactly how you can get fitter and healthier, if low grade niggles are putting you off exercise. I'll give you the knowledge, the tools, and the ongoing support for as long as you need it and then you'll be ready to go off and pursue those other sporting activities that you love.

I'll be honest; I never fully understood the benefits of restorative exercise and how important it is until I starting doing it for myself and became a trainer in it. From the outside looking in, it may not look energetic and you may wonder what it's doing but let me tell you it's giving you an amazing workout from the inside out.

I was working in the corporate world and barely had any time for myself. I even stopped exercising completely when I had my daughter, stress, guilt - I think we've all been there!

I've always thought movement should be fun. I loved classes, and exercising with friends but..... here's a secret.... I never enjoyed just going to the gym by myself. So, I can understand why you might feel the same way. Fitness can be so much fun that you barely know you're exercising (until your body starts changing and the compliments start rolling in!)

After five years, I reassessed my priorities and left to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I promised myself I would focus on helping people like you (people like I used to be) get healthier, fitter, and slimmer.

Biomechanics might be a new concept to you but it's been around for 25 years. Developed by an osteopath, physio and movement coach, Biomechanics is used by Olympic athletes as well as the general public.

If you're like I was back then - stressed, tired, frustrated, don't know how to get started? Let me help. You might be looking for group classes or individual sessions, either way book a call with me to discus

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Biomechanics coaching with Debbie have transformed how my body moves. My long standing back and shoulder issues are totally under control and the niggling pains I used to have disappeared. My increased mobility is a huge benefit in my everyday life and I sleep better as well. Not only that, but I no longer have to go to the chiropractor every six weeks!  Debbie’s empathetic and holistic approach meant I looked forward to our sessions and the exercises were easy to implement into my busy schedule. I highly recommend Debbie’s biomechanics coaching to increase comfort, mobility and to help you feel your very best. 


One word… AMAZING!!! I could not recommend Debbie enough! I have been attending her Pilates sessions for almost a year now and every single session, Debbie is outstanding! I had a serious back operation in 2010 and was recommended to do Pilates and eventually (after many years) I decided to give it a go! Debbie really took the time to assess me properly and to ensure that I wasn’t doing anything that would cause me pain. Every session, Debbie takes the time to work with you on a 1-1 basis to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it! Debbie’s sessions are very fun and beneficial; even after a long day at work, you feel great and after a few sessions you can really notice the difference in yourself- both physically and mentally! If you’re thinking about joining Pilates, definitely join Debbie’s classes- you won’t regret it! 


Debbie has a real understanding and interest in even the smallest workings of the body, and since working with her I seem to have ‘re-connected’ with my body somehow. I always come out of her lessons floating and feeling a million times better than I did when I walked in!