Biomechanics Coaching

Biomechanics is the study of the human body and how it moves in mechanical terms.

A Biomechanics Coach is able to perform a full-body assessment, establishing any areas of mechanical weakness.

Benefits include overcoming sports injuries, addressing physical imbalances, postural issues, migraines, help to recover from pregnancy and birth, and easing out aches and pains.

We've always been told to keep pushing through pain to get stronger and fitter, remember the campaign 'No Pain No Gain', how wrong can they be! It's actually better for your body to take a step back, release, restore and strengthen the areas that need additional focus and then there will be no stopping you!

Your body will always try to find the easiest way to get from A-B. This can mean some muscles over-work. Most people's bodies are over-compensating for biomechanical faults. You might not notice everyday problems. But if you continue to exercise, work, sit, walk, and drive the same way, your body will let you know! For example, if you are right-handed you will naturally use your right side more and could get shoulder ache but in actual fact this could be coming from your knee.

As a fully trained Biomechanics Coach, my skills are focused in identifying areas at risk of injury within your body. This is done by a series of screens of the pelvis, shoulders, spine, knees, feet, nerves and muscles to see whether they are functioning correctly.

We have a huge amount of success with low grade aches, niggles, recurring injuries and pains.

Screens can be conducted online or face to face.

My treatment, suggestions, and exercises will take into account your lifestyle, job, and workout schedule. Let's get you fixed and get your body feeling and moving better.

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